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We Are Venz Express

With almost 20 years of vast experience, Venz Express is a leading service courier provider that delivers all kinds to packages to their recipients efficiently, reliably and at reasonable rates.

We help our clients grow their businesses by customizing our services to meet their specific needs - Ranging from diverse industries like biomedical companies, music firms, multi-level marketing (MLM) companies to governmental and semi-governmental agencies.

As part of our ongoing efforts to build up an extensive network of contacts and solid working relationships, VenzExpress has decided in 2012 to expand its operations into the biomedical industry.

Our Core Value


We Deliver Specialized Packing Solutions

Our clients entrust their cold chain cargoes to us as they know that we have the capacity to store them safely in -4c and -20c and pledge to deliver them safely without any damages. To illustrate, GE Healthcare—a leading life science company —- engages us to collect blood samples and deliver them to clinics, laboratories and hospitals all over Singapore.


We Deliver High-Value Cargoes Well

We know that sophisticated equipment and instruments are costly and hard to replace, so our customers can set there minds at ease as we move their sensitive cargoes with utmost care. Not only that, our workers are trained to handle high-value cargoes in various industries. we also help companies like SINAMEX to deliver bulky sound systems and guitars to their main dealers.


We Deliver Your Goods Fast

Due to its familiarity with the key players in the biomedical industry, VensExpress is able to deliver medical-related products quickly to laboratories, clinics, hospitals and even universities. Some of these places are clustered together in the same area and can be hard to find. While less-experienced courier service companies will have a difficult time to trying to locate these places, we are able to guarantee our clients same-day delivery. In fact, should our regular customers require us to expedite the delivery process, we will even deliver their time-critical items within 2 hours!

We Deliver Your Items Without Error

We boast a well-established system that enables us to deliver your items to numerous recipients—without incurring a single error. Two of our staff members check that the tracking number matches the number affixed to the label pasted on the consignment load. We also assign experienced drivers who are knowledgeable about your company’s customer base so that your goods can be sent promptly without delay


We Deliver Fuss-Free Financing Procedures

Case in point: We deliver products to more than 10 departments within GE Healthcare, but we are still able to provide each department with its own invoice. This greatly helps GE Healthcare to streamline its accounting operations and save a considerable amount of time and manpower hours every fiscal year. Another of your clients, Fullerton Healthcare Group also benefits from these individualized invoices charged to each and every one of its Fullerton Healthcare Group clinics located all over Singapore.


Our Mission

Offering comprehensive cold chain solutions including cold storage warehousing, refrigerated transportation, frozen fulfillment and temperature-controlled logistics services

Our cold storage warehouse facilities service regional, local, national, and international companies in a variety of industries

Focus on continuous improvement ensures that our customers are receiving innovative logistics solutions with the responsiveness required by today’s supply chains

Committed to delivering the highest level of customer service at all times.

Our Vision

Providing innovative and dependable solutions that exceed the expectations of our customers and employees

Reduce costs, lower inventory investment, and increase overall efficiency within supply chains

Allow our customers to focus on producing, sales and marketing, and distribution of their products

Fully understanding each customer’s business in order to anticipate their current and future needs

Maintain sales growth and profitability to uphold our competitive advantage

Focusing on continuous improvement in our operations

Not sure which solution fits your business needs?

We create time for you by streamlining our deliveries from point of origin to destination by one assigned dedicated driver in the shortest time possible
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