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Transportation of cold chain vaccines is a delicate process with many technicalities and complexities. This requires the transporters to ensure that the products do not get a thermal shock and lose their potency thus the evolution of a third party market logistic player. Most of the cold chain couriers available are either inexperienced or incompetent in cold chain delivery. However, Venz Express offers the best solution to this complex and delicate process.

Cold Chain | Venz Express Singapore

Started in 2000, Venz Express grew to be the leading courier service provider in Singapore delivering all kinds of packages to a diverse range of clients. In 2012, Venz Express focused its operations in the biomedical industry, specifically specializing in the delivery of cold chain vaccines in Singapore. Venz express understands the need for temperature management in cold chain delivery. They have specialized equipment to ensure efficient delivery of refrigerated, chilled and frozen temperature packaging of products in transit.

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