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Cold Chain Delivery

Healthcare products such as tissue-based products, biopharmaceuticals, transplant medicine, and cell therapy among others are commonly derived from biological products or other ingredients that make them susceptible to heat, light exposure, and careless handling. When your shipment involves such products, it requires constant temperature control and specialized handling from pickup to delivery in order to stay fresh and effectual.

Cold Chain Delivery | Venz Express Singapore

Venz Express Cold Chain Delivery Singapore offers transparent and seamless system focused on biomedical products. We take pride in our experienced and highly skilled staff to handle chilled, frozen, and ambient items. The boxes are professionally designed with all the
recommended materials and accessories to ensure high hygiene standards, good insulation, and meet all healthcare regulatory requirements.

Our cold chain delivery Singapore services include:

- Maintaining tight temperature ranges, whether it’s below 8 degrees Celsius, room, or deep cold temperature

- Customized handling for specialized healthcare products

- Backup services such as dual equipment

- On-demand, scheduled temperature-controlled, and time-sensitive delivery

- Domestic deliveries

Why choose us?

- We have over 15 years experience

- We respond very fast to have orders processed and completed within the shortest time possible

- We provide excellent services at the most affordable rates

- We use IT tracking systems to optimize truck scheduling to be always punctual

With our focus on the in Singapore economy, we are committed to offering time and cost-effective courier solutions to help healthcare products companies and providers to bring their innovations to the marketplace.

Not sure which solution fits your business needs?

We create time for you by streamlining our deliveries from point of origin to destination by one assigned dedicated driver in the shortest time possible
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